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New Patients

So… How can we serve YOU? What can you expect from your experience in our office?

When you call our office, our Front Tech will answer your call and assist you. She will schedule your first visit, answer questions to the best of her knowledge and provide you directions to our office.

When You Arrive

Your first office visit will be the day we meet you and acquire a thorough health history.  Complimentary consultations are provided.  You will meet with Dr. Miller prior to the exam to discuss your problem. Our Exam Tech will perform a thorough exam in order for the doctor to properly diagnose your condition.  If x-rays are required, Dr. Miller will refer you to the imaging center of your choice.

The doctor will relate your findings with your problem and its cause; then the best possible care solution will be presented. At that time, you have the opportunity to choose your care plan for the results you want to achieve. If a referral to another specialist is needed, then we make certain to refer you to the proper facility.

Visit Us Today

Our vision is to enhance lives – we hope to inspire your desire for health. Please feel welcome to visit our office and see why we are unique. We look forward to serving you. Contact us today!

New Patients | (775) 358-3590